Pastoral Counseling, Thanksgiving for Children, Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, Ministration to the Sick, Burial and Memorial Services

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The parish clergy, staff, and lay ministers are available to you for support and counsel in times of need. To reach us, call the Parish Office (818/346-6968) and the Office Manager will refer one of us to you, or you may wish to request one of us in particular. You may call us at home for after-hours emergencies: at least one member of the clergy is always on call. This page briefly describes the pastoral ministrations most frequently requested. Please save it for future reference, and feel free to come to us with any questions. We look forward to sharing with you in the Sacraments and Rites of the Episcopal Church here at Prince of Peace.

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Individual pastoral counseling serves to support parish members of all ages in times of decision and crisis. Referrals to professionals in adjunct fields arc made when appropriate. The Reconciliation of a Penitent (Confession) is administered by appointment.

Book of Common Prayer (BCP):
For Reconciliation of a Penitent, see pages 446-452, 860-861.

Counseling is arranged by making an individual appointment with a member of the clergy.

Preparation and Special Requirements
These services are available to anyone desiring such individual ministration.


This service celebrates the birth of a new baby or the adoption of a child of any age. It may be adjusted to the situation and needs of the particular family.

BCP: pages 439-445.

This celebration is scheduled as part of a regular church service or by individual arrangement in church, home, or hospital.

Preparation and Special Requirements
Arrangements and preparation are made on an individual basis by a member of the clergy staff.


Notify the Parish Office immediately at the time of death to consult with a member of the clergy before making arrangements with a mortuary or cemetery. Feel free to discuss any concerns or plans with us. Advance planning for funeral arrangements are appropriate, as is Christian estate planning.

Preparation and Special Requirements
These services are available for members, their families, and others desiring a Christian burial or memorial service in accord with our practice. Services, including the attendant ministry of music and the spoken ward, comply with the Book of Common Prayer. Consult a member of the clergy for specific guidelines


Trained Healing Ministers are available for hospital calling and by appointment prayer. Please call 346-6968 ex33 to leave a confidential message.

Email Prayer Requests
may be sent to

Lay Eucharistic Ministers
are people licensed by the Bishop to take Holy Communion to those unable to attend Sunday Services.

Prayer Lists
are maintained by the Daughters of the King and put forth individual concerns for intercession and thanksgiving by the entire parish.

Stephen Ministers
are trained lay counselors who assist the clergy in providing pastoral care in a variety of circumstances.


The very nature of the pastoral rites and ministrations discussed here point to Christian commitment to life in Jesus Christ. Prince of Peace opens wide the door to any person led to worship with us, to join in fellowship activities, or who is in need of emergency pastoral care.
Consistent with the Book of Common Prayer and the Canon Law of the Episcopal Church, the criteria for membership are the following:

  1. Holy Baptism in the name of the Trinity;
  2. Regular participation in Sunday Worship;
  3. Giving from one's time and talent for the ministry of Christ's Church;
  4. Making a financial pledge for the work of Christ's Church and mission;
  5. Intention to grow in Christian spiritual life and service.