Parish Support

Our wonderful staff at Prince of Peace provide leadership and guidance for the parish, but the church relies on many volunteers to function. Volunteers contribute to all of the ministries at Prince of Peace, but sometimes the ministry is just helping the organization to function. Without these parish support ministries, the work of Prince of Peace in the community, the world, and the parish would not be possible.

  • Facilities need maintenance. The facilities committee works on both short and long term planning and care of the Prince of Peace campus. But many parishoners participate in fixing things, cleaning, gardening, and other daily chores that keep our campus functioning.
  • Counters meet every Monday to count and deposit the offerings and pledges that support Prince of Peace. The counting ministry is made up of teams that rotate weekly, but new volunteers are always welcome.
  • Office volunteers help the office manager and staff by answering phones, answering visitor's questions, and helping with parish publications and worship bulletins.
  • The Stewardship committee organizes and conducts the annual pledge drive, providing support for the staff in this important endevor. But stewardship is much more than the pledge drive or money. Our stewardship includes using our abilities, our talents, and our time to further God's kingdom here on earth. The stewardship committee also organizes and coordinates efforts for conservation, ecology, volunteerism, and other endevors that help preserve and maintain our parish and the world around us.

    See the Giving Page
  • The Vestry is the Board of Directors of the Parish. The Vestry manages the temporal affairs of Prince of Peace and is the legal representative of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property. The presiding officer of the Vestry is the rector. There are two wardens. The senior warden leads the parish between rectors and is a support person for the rector. The junior warden (the people's warden) has responsibility for church property and buildings and serves to represent the needs of the parishoners. Members of the Vestry lead many of the ministries of the parish. Vestry members are elected at the annual meeting (held in January), generally for three year terms.

    Current Vestry Members