Music Ministry at Prince of Peace

For centuries, music has enriched the beauty of the liturgy. The Music Ministry at Prince of Peace provides leadership in worship, serves as a tool for spiritual growth, offers fellowship, education, and discipline. There are a number of ministry opportunities available for the musically inclined.

Sunday Morning Choir

Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, and Basses rehearse at 7:30 pm on Thursday evenings from September through June in the Family Center. The Choir sings at the ten o'clock Sunday service from September through July. Singers provide leadership on hymns, anthems, psalms and the mass. Rehearsals focus on vocal production, ensemble singing, musical literacy, and most important, the underlying texts and their integration into the Sunday worship.

The Men's Chorus

All the men of Prince of Peace are welcome to sing with this ensemble, which provides the music for the Easter Vigil and an occasional Sunday Morning Worship service. Meeting at 7:00pm for the eight weeks before Easter, this group learns Gregorian Chant, Anglican Chant, hymns, anthems and liturgy in classic and contemporary styles. This is a short-term commitment with a deeply rewarding experience.

The Women's Chorus

If the men can sing, surely the women can do as well. The Women's Chorus provides the music for periodic Sunday Morning Worship services. Like the Men's Chorus, the group learns the musical elements of liturgical worship.

The Bell Choirs

Prince of Peace is known as the church of the bells. We are blessed with the tradition and the instruments making possible the pealing of handbells every Sunday. Ringers play in graded ensembles with new groups forming as interest requires. Handbell ensembles range from a professional level group that represents Prince of Peace in concerts around the valley, the state, and into neighboring states to basic learning ensembles. Opportunities for learning how to ring and advancing in skill are always available.

Instrumental Music

Instrumentalists are invited to share their talents in solo offerings and service accompaniments. Among the opportunities are:
  • African Drums featured in the African Mass, some choir anthems, and festive occasions
  • Brass Ensemble featured at the Christmas and Easter festivals
  • Timpani accompaning the timpani mass, festivals, and other gala occasions

Some Moments of Prince of Peace Music

Prince of Peace YouTube Playlist