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Intercession is that aspect of prayer, which invokes God's blessing on behalf of others.

Intercessors act as a bridge between that person and God.

Intercession is one way that God has chosen to share His infinite power with us. Just as His gift of intelligence gives us power, so the gift of intercessory prayer gives us power. God has set up the universe in such a way that we can influence it, not only by the exercise of human intelligence, but also by the exercise of human prayer. God has made us more than spectators to His creative power; we also share in it. Unlike petition, where we often pray for our needs, Intercession is prayer that is asked on behalf of another person.

Intercessory Prayer again is a gift. It is also known as the spiritual equalizer in a community of faith because where all can't preach, and all can't teach, all can pray for others and their needs.

Intercession is love on its knees. "Basic burden of our prayer life because love is the law of life for Christians" Prayers for others is one of the best ways of loving. It is going into the prayer closet with love and applying that love with our prayers.

Jesus our great high priest provided the example of how to intercede and assured you that He even intercedes even now in heaven. (Heb. 7:25)
The Bible tells us to intercede in 1 Timothy 2:1-3.
Stephen offers prayer of intercession in Acts 7:54-60.

There are over thirty Intercessors that belong to the Prince of Peace Internet Intercessors Yahoo Group Site. When there is a prayer need it is posted on the Group Site by either the members themselves or via a liaison to the group. Each Intercessor is then informed directly through email of the prayer need. The Intercessors with the help of the Holy Spirit prays for the needs of the individual.


If you have a prayer request and would like the Internet Intercessors to pray, please contact:

-- Debbie Wittwer (Group Host) at
-- Katherine Geeslin (Office Administrator),
   Office Hours: M-F 9:30am-2pm Phone: (818) 346-6968
-- Fr. Rand Reasoner at or
   Office Hours: M-W 9am-2pm, Sat. 8am-4pm Phone: (818) 346-6968
We will make sure that your prayer request is posted on the Intercessors Group Site.


To pray on behalf of others you need to be able to:

-- commit to pray for the needs of others.
-- commit to total confidentiality!
-- be willing to join The Internet Intercessors Group Site.
-- be willing to be open and responsive to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

If you can say yes to these commitments and would like to pray on the behalf of others please contact:

Debbie Wittwer (Group Host) at and request an invite to The Internet Intercessors Group Site.


Confidentiality is the key to having people trust us with their most intimate concerns. In light of the need for confidentiality please pray that God would set a guard over our mouths and help us to be vigilant and watchful over others personal prayers.

-- Never talk about prayer requests that have been sent to the Internet Intercessors Group Site even if the prayer request is common knowledge throughout the Prince of Peace Community.

-- Never forward a prayer request to someone outside of Internet Intercessors Group Site.

(We do not receive information to be shared. We receive personal prayer needs to be prayed and shared with God only!)

-- It is natural to follow up with people who have asked for prayers. It can be a challenge however for the person who has asked for prayers. For example: if you walk up to someone and ask about there prayer concern it is also natural for that person to wonder "how does this person know about something that is supposed to be confidential? Does everyone know about my prayer request?" The suggested way to deal with this challenge is to identify yourself as a part of the Internet Intercessors Group and let them know you have been praying for their prayer request.

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Group Host
Debbie Wittwer