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Ever heard of the POP Dinner Club?

Thought you might like to join?

Here's a brief history of this group.

The POP Dinner Club started many years ago because parishioners wanted an evening of fellowship combined with good food. Due to the popularity of the group at that time, it became necessary to limit the number of members, so homes could accommodate everyone that wanted to participate. We have now opened the Dinner group to anyone interested, as we changed the format on where and how we do dinners.

Although at times, accommodations can be a problem, we have found how to accommodate ourselves around them. With an expanded roster, anyone hosting an event will state how many persons they can comfortably handle, and the first members getting money their money, up to the maximum, would be able to come to the event. (We have had no problem accommodating everyone at this time.)

Becoming a Dinner Club members is easy and "dues free", and there is only one thing that members must prepare to do. It is a willingness to host or be a committee member, (helping the hosts), once every two years. (now that didn't hurt did it?) rather than using individual homes only, members are urged to consider using other sites at POP, the beach, or park, as an alternate site. (We have used the beac and Farmers market.)

Committee members (usually the host and 4 other couples,) are responsible for getting your flier ready and or send an email copy to Larry Totter, who in turn will send to all members on the currant list. Collecting the money in advance (typically $15.00 per person.) Planning and cooking the meal. Currently the Dinner Club meets four times a year on the second Saturday of February, May/June, August and the "windup" in December.

Do you want more information or wish to join?

Please contact the co-chairs:
Don and Pat Garner or Roman Melnyk