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Volunteers accept responsibility for serving coffee before and after the 8 and 10:00 a.m. services and cleaning up afterwards.

Prince of Peace Coffee, Tea and Refreshment Service
Host Instructions

Set-up is done before the 8:00 AM service, by the sextant and the 8 am Ushers. You do not need to be involved.

Just before the 10:00 AM service look over the table and cart by the Chapel wall and restock supplies if needed.

Cups - Extra cups are in boxes located in the ECW pantry inside the kitchen.

A service tray or basket should be at both locations and should include:

Sugar, sweeteners, cream packets, tea bags, stir sticks.

Extra supplies are in the kitchen cupboard to the left of the sink that is under the window.

  1. Here comes the hard part. Chat with people as normal until around 12:00 or when people are pretty much done with coffee. When the social time is over, usually about noon, load the pots and supplies onto the cart by the chapel. Clean up trash from coffee/ tea service. Wipe down the table if needed. Roll the cart up to the kitchen. Empty the grounds in the garbage and wash the pots with hot soapy water. Reassemble the urns (don’t forget the stems) and put everything back on the cart. Roll it into the ECW pantry, in the kitchen.
  2. We have been trying to start providing water on the patio for those that want something colder to drink. If there is a jug of water put it back on the service cart and into the pantry. If there is a pitcher, rinse it out and put it back in the cupboard.

Questions and comments welcomed contact:

Tina Larson or the church office (818) 346-6968