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What is the Anglican Way?

It’s a lot of things, including our religious heritage, but in this instance The Anglican Way is the title of a class that will be offered each spring. The class will cover such things as the:
-- Seasons
-- Colors
-- Feasts
-- Fasts
-- Holy Days
-- History of the Church (from before Jesus to the present)
-- Book of Common Prayer
-- Sacraments
Why did Rand wear purple on December 17th and white on December 31st?
    What does a Bishop do, anyway?
        Why on earth do people have black smudges on their foreheads on
        Ash Wednesday?
            High church? Low church? Broad church? Huh?
        Did King Henry VIII invent the Church of England just so he could get a divorce?
    What does Hannukah have to do with Christmas?
Why did the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States (that’s us) need an Act of Parliament to exist?
In short, this course will make an attempt to cover the things that make us Anglican (Episcopalian).
For those who are looking into Confirmation as an adult, reception into this branch of the church from the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox churches, or who wish to reaffirm their Episcopal Confirmation, this class will be a preparation for that.
For those who simply want more information about our church, where it comes from, how it operates, and why, the class will be a place to get answers.
If this class sounds like something you’d be interested in, please give your name to the church office.