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Why Adult Christian Education?

To grow in our knowledge and love of God is one of the promises we make as Christians at our baptism. Unless we grow, we die. Growth is necessary in our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is my conviction that in order to be faithful stewards of our Christian heritage, we must continue to learn more about our faith and how to apply it in our everyday lives. Christian Education must not stop with the end of Confirmation classes. This A.C.E. program has been designed with the unique needs of our congregation in mind and it is hoped that everyone will find a class that will support their Christian growth.

Finally, do you know a profession that does not require continuing education? I suggest we see ourselves as professional Christians and I invite you, through education, to stay on the cutting edge of faith for yourself, your family, your neighbors, our faith community and the world.

In Christ,

Rand Reasoner, Rector