Children's Ministry Head


We want to make our time together in Sunday School the BEST HOUR of your child's week!

* Greeters welcome families as they enter our campus and direct families to Champions.

* "Smilers" welcome families to Champions and help parents sign in children. Children receive color coded nametag (elementary) or animal nametag (preschool) and enter Champions (Doors open at 9:50am)

* Activity Stations welcome the children to "play with a purpose." Champions leaders engage children in play and conversation as we settle into the morning. Intentional shepherding takes place.

* Small groups gather at the Activity Stations conclusion. Leaders welcome the children in grade level meeting space and connect them to the day's Bible lesson via questions and discussion.

* Our Large Group Team then presents the Bible lesson of the day in a creative manner with puppets, skits, videos, music and more.

* Small groups again gather with their class and apply the Bible truth and key concept of the day via discussion, crafts and fun class activities.

* We close by gathering in a circle, joining together in saying the Lord's Prayer and receiving Communion.
* A weekly handout is provided to help families connect with the day's lesson and share in the love of God at home.