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"I took the Alpha Course when our family was going through a very tough time. Our son Wyatt was severely autistic, we had many other challenges, and my husband Read and I were in a lot of emotional pain. Through the Alpha course, I received a lot of answers from God and gained strength and knowledge. It renewed my faith, and I learned to "trust in the Lord with all my heart." Proverbs 3:5


Alpha made me realize that the only "guru" or leader I need is Jesus and the only self-help book I ever need is The Bible. If only more people realized this, the world would be a better place and we would save a lot of money, not to mention trees!"

Nancy Alspaugh Jackson


Taking the Alpha course changed my life.It gave me a deeper understanding of the Scriptures and greatly enriched my daily life. Alpha gave me the courage and the words to speak to people I meet about Jesus.Experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit during the Alpha weekend is the most impactful event of my life.

Lynn Klein

I had been attending POP for about 2 years when I decided to attend Alpha.  The main reason for joining was to ďpreviewĒ the course for my, then, non-believing husband.  I had been a Christian all my life so I didnít think there was anything else for me to learn about Christianity but I was wrong.  Alpha introduced me to Jesus, not only as Savior of the World, but as my Savior and my Lord. I believe the Alpha experience was the catalyst for a richer relationship with God that impacts my daily life. 

Not only did I experience an intimate relationship with my Lord, I also developed intimate and caring relationships with others in my Alpha group which would not have occurred without the experience of our 9 week Alpha journey together.

Paula Roe


Iíve been a Christian for 5 years and each year within those 5 years my faith has grown significantly. Part of the reason Iím convinced is my involvement with Alpha. My wife had been encouraging me to take Alpha for more than a year, but Iíd have no part of it. It wasnít until my Mother was dying of cancer that I started to look for answers, and a deeper meaning of life. I took Alpha the first time about six months before I became a Christian. I dropped out after about 4 sessions. I was just not ready to hear all that Alpha was teaching. I took it again after being baptized and I know with all my heart that the Holy Spirit was now working in me, and I got so much out of that second Alpha, that Iíve been involved in every Alpha since. Alpha has helped me in my Christian walk to get to know Jesus as my personal savior, but also to realize the significance of the Christian community as a whole. Iím a better Christian, and a better person as a result of Alpha.

Bruce Roe


Even though I considered myself a Christian prior to taking Alpha, once the course started I soon realized I didn't know very much about Jesus or what the Christian life was all about.Not only did Alpha help introduce me to Jesus, it was really the beginning of a new life -- not only for me but also for my family.I can honestly say that taking the Alpha Course has had a more positive and lasting impact in my life than any class I've had, any textbook I've read, any movie I've seen.As a matter of fact, none can even compare.

Greg Michael