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Small Group Survey

Small groups are an opportunity to build and deepen relationships and to deepen and strengthen your own spiritual life. As we are like to say, it takes a church to raise a family, but it takes a small group to help support our lives together in Christ. As a member of the Vestry, I would like to ask you to fill out this survey. Thank you!

-Charlotte Doctor




Please complete one of the following sections.

  I am interested in joining a small group at Prince of Peace.

      1.  I would like to be in a group that meets:
           Mornings                Afternoons                Evening

      2.  My preferred days are:
           Mondays               Fridays
           Tuesdays              Saturdays
           Wednesdays         Sundays

      3.  I need childcare:
          Yes           No

      4.  I would like to be in a group that focuses on (check all that apply)
            Bible Study
            Other books about Christianity
            Deepening my prayer life
            Discovering my life's purpose
            Service / Ministry projects
            Other   Please specify: 

      5.  I would like to find out more about hosting a group in my home.
          Yes           No

  I am already a member of a small group at Prince of Peace that meets:

      Day       Time       Location  

      1.  Is your group open to new members?
          Yes           No

  I am not interested in joining a Small Group at this time.