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Pentecost 2018

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From the Rector
Rand Reasoner+
Fr. Rand is on sabbatical until July 1  Please keep him and his family in your prayers. 

Christ is Risen!
One thing that I have been pondering in the last week is how, as a community, we can be more of a "Resurrection People?" This question is at the very least about Easter worship (everything we do should be under-girded by worship) however it is more than that.  It's hard to explain but Resurrection People is a phrase that continues to come to me.
It is so easy to think of the Feast of the Resurrection as a one day celebration.  How can we continue to be open to the joy and wonder of Easter for the 40 day season and beyond?  I'm sure it is not only about program and events though that may be a part it.
Please join me in prayer for an openness to listen to God about this?
One of the blessings of having been in a community for a long time is I have developed a sense of history. Looking back on three decades of ministry at Prince of Peace, I have seen  definite focuses.
1.  There has been a season of community.  This has been an answer to the Lord's invitation, "See how they love one another." (social, dinner club, newcomer dinners, golf, enjoying being with one another). 
2. There has been a season of the spirit.  This has been an answer to the Lord's
invitation, "Be filled with the Holy Spirit." (Healing ministry, expanded pastoral care, small groups, Alpha, intercessors, DOK, alternative worship, teaching series, Bible studies).
3.  There is currently a season of service. This has been an answer to the invitation to Lords invitation: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."  (Community garden,   invigorated ECW, community dinner, seasonal outreach project financial support, PATH, Pantry/outreach hires and expansion, invigorated outreach committee).
I don't want worship ministries like Choir, music, bells, Altar Guild, LEMS, ushers, greeters etc. to be forgotten.  That's why I began this letter with an emphasis that everything we do needs to be under-girded by the Trinitarian worship of Almighty God.
The blessing is that, where there have been seasons of emphasis, the impact of the other seasons do not disappear.  Maybe this is the definition of a healthy community?
Discernment can be hard and I believe you have a part in this process.  I invite you to please pray in this direction: What does the Lord have planned for us and how can we respond?
Keep in mind the balance of the Trinitarian model of Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 
I am amazed at the gifts and talents God's faithful people share here and beyond our doors.  Thank you for what you bring and what you give.
In Resurrection Hope,
Fr. Rand
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Worship Schedule
Pentecost Dove
    Pentecost is the day (50 days after Easter)  when the Holy Spirit filled the disciples and empowered them for God's ministry in the world.  Read Acts Chapter 2 for the Pentecost story.
This is the longest season of the church year (usually lasting four to five months depending on the date of Easter) and the church's primary focus is on Jesus' teachings on how we are called to live our lives as his followers (always empowered to do things by God's Holy Spirit).  Read More 
Complete Pentecost Worship Schedule

Sunday, June 3 at 10am 
Join in this celebration of our Youth Ministry as they offer the morning's message and serve as participants in the worship service. In lieu of a Spring Concert, the Handbell Choirs will provide the service music.

   Worship Without Walls- begins Sunday, June 3. 
Click here for more information.   
Parish Family Notes
Blessings to Rhett Henry McDermott, Adeline Rose Reasoner and Liana Rae Toomey, who received the Sacrament of Baptism at the Easter Vigil. The next Baptism will be on All Saints' Sunday, November 4. Contact the office at for an application.
Congratulations to all our College, High School, Middle School and Elementary School Graduates!
A big Thank You goes to our Children Ministry Leaders for all the love, patience, and guidance you have shown our children throughout the year! Our children have learned to love Jesus through you! God bless you Champions Team!

Circle of Grace Retreat 
Saturday. June 2 from 9am-2:30pm. 
Please join the Episcopal Church Women in the Family Center at their Spring retreat, being led by our own Chantel Zimmerman. $20 includes lunch, refreshments, and crafts. Sign up on the Patio after each service. Contact Barbara Partridge, Barbara Pazevic or click here for more information.

Hello from your Camp Stevens family! Spring is here, which means the meadows are abloom, the sun is shining and summer is not far away. It's time to start planning for summer camp! Visit for all the information you need to access a summer of openness, connection, gratitude and wonder.

Outreach Updates
FOOD FOR THOUGHT from the West Valley Food Pantry  
Debbie Decker  
It was another banner year for the West Valley Food Pantry's US Postal Food Drive! We received from the Woodland Hills Post Office approximately 35,000 pounds of food. AND we had about 250 volunteers show up to help sort and store all the donations. Many of those working in the sun that day were POP parishioners.
Thank you so much to all who helped and keep us in food during the Spring of this year! Your time and efforts were much appreciated... ESPECIALLY by the hungry and homeless in the West Valley!
With Thanks and Blessings,
Debbie Decker
Executive Director

Vacation Bible School Collection 
We are collecting snacks for Vacation Bible School and Summer Sunday School. We can use any bulk snacks like: goldfish, vanilla wafers, graham crackers, jellied fruit, Oreos, or any other cookies or crackers. Our growing children love them all and are always hungry. Please no peanut butter or nuts. Thank You!    

School Supply Collection
This year, we will be collecting school supplies for the West Valley Food Pantry children.  You can help! All school supplies are needed from lunch boxes to spiral notebooks, 3 ring binders, filler lined paper, pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks, rulers, pencil pouches, etc. Please help us give these children a good start to their school year. Bring your donations to church on Sundays or to the office during the week. Thank you!
Deacon's Den
Come, Holy Spirit
Sitting tonight in the Deacon's Den, I can feel the pull and "draw-to-action" that is part and parcel to the call to diaconal service. The deacon wants to do something about anything; the deacon is called to be of service. So, the deacon often tends to jump in before they know just what's up with the situation. The deacon wants to help, and they want to help NOW!
Tom Peters, the 1980's guru of business and management, wrote in his best seller "In Search of Excellence" about British Airways testing of their new Rolls Royce jet engines and how they tested for every possible mishap that could happen. After many years of testing, they were convinced that they had thought of everything and they ordered the planes. On the maiden flight, a seagull was sucked into one of the Rolls Royce jet engines and the engine stopped instantly. Tom Peters take-away from this was that sometimes it's better to "Ready, Fire, Aim" rather than to "Ready, Aim, Fire."  Read more

Exciting Opportunities!  Great pay! 

All you need is a love of God!

Our outreach Vacation Bible School is in need of some loving hands. We can use any talent the Lord has given you from decorating, preparing snacks, giving craft instructions, acting, talking with children, leading or assisting a group, leading a song, playing games or taking photos. Only 4 hours a day for 5 days, July 9-13, 9am to 12pm. Please pray about this!  Contact Linda Sawyer at or call the office at (818) 346-6968.
Children & Families Ministry
Summer is Almost Here!

You are Invited!
The children will be presenting the congregation and Sunday school Leaders with an "Ice Cream Social" on Sunday, June 10, after the 10am service. This is given as a Thank You for all your Support & Prayers!

Linda Sawyer and the Champions Team

Upcoming Events!
Vacation Bible School, July 9-13 

VBS Children's Sabbath Service
Sunday, July 15 at 10am
The children who attended our Vacation Bible School will perform some of the Christian songs they learned, just for you!

Free Play Sundays  
at 10am in Taylor Hall
June 17 & 24, July 22 & 29
& Sundays in August

PLAY Games......CREATE Crafts....MEET New Friend

A Huge Thank You to our dedicated Champions Team!!
Click here to see how YOU can get involved this summer!

Youth Ministry

Youth Group Calendar:

Sunday Morning Meetings:
continue to be at 10am in the Youth Center.
Guitar Class: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm - 8pm in the Chapel, Marc Miller will be teaching guitar to anybody who shows up: youth or adult. It'll be group lessons and you have to bring your own guitar. During the last half hour at least, he will be playing praise and worship songs and anyone can come for that and sing along!

Contact Marc Miller at for more information.

View From the Pew
Dauna Packer remembers Pauline Ineson

1993 Vestry:  How many faces do you recognize?  Rand Reasoner+, David Tong, Paul Stennes, Mark Panatier, Don Kreuzberger, Pat Garner, Nancy Bragg, Roger Pelham, Pauline Ineson (middle)

Once in a lifetime, if you're lucky, someone like Pauline Ineson walks through your door.

In 1982, Jim, Pauline, Laura and Katie walked through the doors of the Prince of Peace Episcopal Church in Woodland Hills, California. At that moment, we could have never imagined just how much they would contribute to our parish in the 13 years they were with us. Read more.

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